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The training system is an important part of the mechatronics training systems in vocational education. It is mainly used in colleges and universities, higher vocational colleges, undergraduate colleges. It has rich potential resources and a wide range of promotion. This system can carry out corresponding practical technical training for majors such as mechanical, mold, mechatronics and electrical integration, electrical automation etc. At the same time it takes the training for fitters of other majors into account. It belongs to basic equipment and is an essential product for every electromechanical major.


The SINAMICS G120 inverter is powerful in function, simple to operate, and is highly scalable, allowing you to practice a variety of parameter settings. G120 inverter is a modular inverter with various function units. Basically, it includes a control unit (CU) and a power supply module (PM). Through the operation panel, you can practice the drive parameters settings, rapid debugging and other training content of the inverter. Through this training system, it is possible to realize the debugging practice of frequency conversion basic functions such as panel speed regulation, speed regulation of multi segment speed function, PID function speed regulation of the inverter, as well as the debugging practice of vector control and positioning functions. When using the G120 inverter, it is also possible to set up and commission the project using the dedicated SINAMICS Start drive, STARTER and other commissioning software. G120 frequency converter has powerful communication function. With Siemens programmable training equipment, you can practice training contents such as automatic control technology, communication between PLC equipment and inverter (communication can be carried out through PRIFINET, PROFIBUS or PROFIdrive), etc. to facilitate user monitoring the inverter's operating status and modifying the parameters.


Dimensions: 420 × 600 × 400mm.
Material: aluminum alloy mounting bracket; spraying: electrostatic powder spray.
Working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.
Working environment: indoor, normal temperature
Fixed method: installed on the training platform
Power consumption: 0.6KW
Safety protection measures: ground protection, short circuit protection and safety compliance with relevant German VDE electrical 0100 standards.


Applicable courses: This training system can satisfy practical training and design implementation for courses of variety colleges and schools such as “Mechatronics technology”, “Frequency converter technology”, “Frequency converter application technology”, “Frequency converter technology and application”, “PLC programming technology application”, “Industry network control” etc.
Application fields: mechatronics, automation, relevant majors of intelligent manufacturing.

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