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The training system is an important part of the mechatronics training systems in vocational education. It is mainly used in colleges and universities, higher vocational colleges, undergraduate colleges. It has rich potential resources and a wide range of promotion. This system can carry out corresponding practical technical training for majors such as mechanical, mold, mechatronics and electrical integration, electrical automation etc. At the same time, it takes the training for fitters of other majors into account. It belongs to basic equipment and is an essential product for every electromechanical major.


Core Technology: Integrate national technical standards with German technical standards
Innovation: 1. The use of a hexagonal structure facilitates communication between trainees and between trainees and teachers. It becomes a 360-degree teacher education program, making it easier for teachers to grasp the dynamics of each student.
2. According to the working structure of the human body supporting the vise lifting mechanism, it can be adjusted according to the height of different users to achieve a comfortable working height and reduce fatigue.
3. Each side is equipped with a national standard socket and an European standard socket, which can meet the requirements of national standard and the German standard;
4. purchase 2X2 partition technology inside the drawer, effectively use the internal space.


AC power supply:: single phase national standard three-wire system 220V 50HZ
Temperature: -10 ° C to 40 ° C, ambient humidity ≤ 80%, dark light environment.
Dimensions: length x width x height 2400 x 2080 x 1200
Machine power consumption: ≤ 3KVA
Safety measures: It has the functions of grounding protection, overload and leakage protection, and other safety protections comply with the relevant national standards.


Applicable courses: “Six station training platform for fitters”, “The six-station tool holder of the machine tool”, “The six-station rotary table of the machine tool”, “Six station internal winding control system of the motor”.
Application fields: mechatronics, automation, relevant majors of intelligent manufacturing.

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