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ORDER NUMBER: RK-PLC-01(S7-200SMART), RK-PLC-02(S7-1200), RK-PLC-03(S7-300), RK-PLC-05(S7-1500)



This PLC programming training system is the important part of the mechatronics comprehensive training equipment. This training system is designed and developed based on the AHK mechatronics training requirements, BIBB standards, and PAL exam requirements. It satisfies the training requirements for the 13 learning fields of the AHK mechatronics.

It can be modified and expanded according to different tasks at any time. The equipment is designed according to the modular concept and adopts standardized industrial components. It can be applied to many industrial production process controls; the entire set of equipment can truly reflect a modern industrial production site, and you can use the extended capabilities of the device to achieve the production and inspection of different products.


1. Rich configuration, perfect function, can complete PLC program instruction training, touch screen configuration training, PLC wiring training, etc.
2. Strong scalability, rich interface, can be used with various PLC programming execution training system.
3. Portable structure, easy to handle and install.
4. Complete supporting, has typical work task training instructions.


Dimensions: 455×370×180mm
Material: high quality cold rolled steel plate; spraying: electrostatic powder spray; thickness: 1.0cm.
Working power: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.
Working environment: indoor, room temperature
Fixed method: horizontally placed on the training platform
Power consumption: 0.5KW
Safety protection measures: Ground protection, short circuit protection, safety compliance with relevant German VDE electrical 0100 standards.


Applicable courses: This system can satisfy practical training and design implementation for courses of variety colleges and schools such as “Mechatronics technology”, “PLC programming technology application”, “Electrical control and PLC technology application”, “Industrial network control” etc.
Application fields: mechatronics, automation, relevant majors of intelligent manufacturing.

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