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This pneumatic training system is the important part of the mechatronics comprehensive training equipment. This training system is designed and developed based on the AHK mechatronics training requirements, BIBB standards, and PAL exam requirements. It satisfies the training requirements for the 13 learning fields of the AHK mechatronics.


Pneumatic is the abbreviation of "pneumatic technology" or "pneumatic transmission and control". Pneumatic technology is an engineering technology that uses air compressor as the power source and compressed air as the working medium to carry out energy or signal transfer. It is one of the important means to realize various production control and automatic control. This training system can not only carry out training courses for hydraulic technology separately, but also can be combined with PLC or relays, and be designed in accordance with German VDE-0100 electrical standard to realize various technologies required in the field of automation technology (hydraulic control technology, electrical control technology, sensor technology, control and regulation technology, PLC control technology, PROFINET technology, Ethernet bus technology, etc.) This system adopts industrial devices of the international first-class industrial brand with the German VDE standard, as well as industrial devices of international first-class hydraulic component brand. In the field of pneumatics, training is carried out in various aspects such as design of production processes, process control, and combination with electrical systems. First, master the individual technology through a single teaching module, and then with the deepening of learning, add other modules step by step to achieve further the purpose of the various technologies required by pneumatic application technology.


Dimensions: 900*700*1800
Material: high quality cold rolled steel plate; spraying: electrostatic powder spray; thickness: 1.5cm; European standard aluminum alloy frame.
Working power: AC220V±10%, 50Hz.
Fixing method: quick card mounting device
Power consumption: 3KW
Safety protection measures: ground protection, short circuit protection, safety compliance with relevant Germany VDE electrical 0100 standards


Applicable courses: This pneumatic training system can satisfy practical training and design implementation for courses of variety colleges and schools such as “Pneumatic application technology”, “Electrical control and pneumatic technology application” etc.
Application fields: mechatronics, automation, relevant majors of intelligent manufacturing.

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