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This training system can realize the example of a small intelligent factory. It uses relay assembly as a carrier to present the concept of intelligent manufacturing factory.
1. The whole system is composed of main control station, three-dimensional warehouse workstation, robot assembly workstation, compaction workstation, weighing workstation, power-on detection station and transportation system. It is an intelligent assembly training system with highly integrated management and control of industrial computer. At the same time, the relevant content of Industry 4.0 can be extended, and it can be used simply and effectively in practice.
2. The training system takes out the parts from the three-dimensional warehouse through the closed-loop transportation system and transports them by the single-track cable-free intelligent car. After the robot assembly workstation station, the compacting workstation, the weighing workstation, and the power-on detection workstation, the parts are transformed to product. In the whole process, different practice units can be added according to the teaching needs, thus achieving flexible teaching.
3. In terms of function carrier, the system is based on typical industrial application technology, adopts modular combination form, and takes industrial robot application technology as the core. It integrates variable frequency drive technology, human-machine interface technology, industrial network and communication technology, pneumatic control technology, motor drag and control technology, sensor application technology, inspection technology, process control technology, mechatronics technology and other modern industrial application technologies.


1. The design and implementation in according to the German VDE standard will be an industrial-grade intelligent training factory of the customer interior.
2. All components use international first-class industrial grade components. (Germany Siemens, Festo, SICK, etc.)
3. Intelligent precision monorail system to guide the new trend of intelligent logistics.
4. Integrate MES system, WeChat applet, and Internet of Things to realize a new experience of intelligent manufacturing.
5. Support German-standard task-guided teaching training materials and resources, provide a new concept of intelligent manufacturing teaching.
6. Modular structure, 6 working stations, can accommodate 24 people for training operations at the same time.


Dimensions:: 8000mm*2700mm
Working power supply: AC380V, three-phase five-wire power supply
Power consumption: 4KW
Air source requirements: 0.4-1.0Mpa
Safety protection level: SIL3, with grounding protection, short circuit protection, safety sensor, safety relay protection
Working environment: indoor, normal temperature


It is suitable for mechanical subsystem manufacturing, electrical equipment installation with safety guarantees, pneumatic/hydraulic components, robot and machine vision, implementation, debugging, fault diagnosis and maintenance of the electromechanical subsystem, communication with the data processing system, virtual simulation design and other majors related to mechatronics, automation and intelligent manufacturing.

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