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Information about the project

This system takes over the production process of Siemens' Pinyi series switches as a carrier, adopts the industry standard design 4.0 and consists of 15 workstations. They perform statistical analysis of process data using industrial testing tools and use the data from the analysis to integrate pallet transport, intelligent logistics and three-dimensional storage into the same process network. Inspect and transport products using various operating systems such as robots, servo systems, advanced drives and sensors, and use radio frequency identification technology for process data statistics, data analysis and process control.

This system contains 16 workstations, including 12 stations with independent control systems. In order to ensure the implementation of the teaching and training functions and production functions of this system, each station with an independent control system is controlled by a dual control system. This system is a highly integrated management and control by an industrial control computer. The main control station uses two sets of CPU1516-3PNDP PLC from Siemens S7-1500 for automatic management and control, and the whole system integrates fully integrated automation technology, field bus technology, profinet industrial network communication technology and RFID technology. At the same time it can be connected to the MES system, BI system, mobile terminal system and other relevant content of Industry 4.0 to achieve functions of demonstration, guidance and training of intelligent manufacturing.

General parameters: ★ Size (length * width) ≥ 12800 mm * 4800 mm Power supply: AC380V (3P + N + PE); total power ≤12KW; Overall structure: adopts an aluminium frame structure and the lower part adopts an adjustable bracket that facilitates adjustment during installation. Operating temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, humidity in the operating environment ≤ 90%. Air source working pressure: minimum 0.4 MPa, maximum 1 MPa

The field of education is the integration of automation and computerization.

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14 million

RMB (Self-financing Rhein-Köster)

100 days

Construction period

a selection of the installed


Structural support


AGV + UR-Robots





Robots for artificial

Machine for laser marking

Transmission system


150 Students

Training capacity

25 Teachers

Training capacity