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Information about the project

The RH-SMART03 intelligent manufacturing and production training system provided by our company is aimed at teaching and training and takes into account customer-specific industrial mass production, which includes production and process chains of intelligent processing, intelligent assembly, intelligent recognition, intelligent self-organization of machines, intelligent logistics and intelligent storage also fits the existing equipment (Mikron HMS700 Turn-Mill Composite Machining Center).

The RH-SMART03 training system for intelligent manufacturing is a training system that takes into account the mass production of customer-specific industries. Its products are linear gear shafts, which are an important part of the gantry crane. NC machine tools use industrial robots to automatically load and unload the blanks and process them into qualified products according to the specified process and technical requirements. After appropriate inspection and processing, they are transferred to the conveyor of the conveyor system, transported to other workplaces for assembly of appropriate equipment, terminal component, storage of semi-finished products, inspection, storage of finished products, etc.

RH-SMART03 Intelligent Manufacturing Training System must be 17 m long and 10 m wide to better meet the needs of the classroom. The system has a modular design and strictly follows the VDE and DIN related standards as a whole. The entire system comprises 12 stations and components. Each station has an independent control and communication system. Each station can independently carry out corresponding process productions and can also communicate with all or some stations to carry out corresponding processes.

The training meets industry standards, integrates CNC machining, machinery and automation, and a highly integrated unmanned factory.

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8 million

RMB (Self-financing Rhein-Köster)

300 days

Construction period

a selection of the installed


Machining Center

ABB - Robots

Siemens - SPS - Control system

Servo control system

Montrc - Conveyor system

SICK - Sensor

Linear axis


Precision - CNC - Lathe

148 Students

Training capacity

17 Teachers

Training capacity